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Companies can hire international talent more quickly, confidently and painlessly, because they are able to cut through the complex maze of immigration red tape, as a result of our proven streamlined procedures.

In today’s global economy, many organizations discover that foreign nationals have the expertise they need. We help these organizations obtain legal permission to bring these talented individuals to the United States. Businesses and individuals worldwide also consult us for professional advice and services related to compliance with U.S. immigration laws.

Time and resource constraints shouldn’t stop you from hiring exceptional talent. Nor should an employee’s start date be unnecessarily prolonged. That’s why numerous companies depend on the Badmus team to handle their immigration needs.

Also, our immigration attorneys can advise you on the best practices to ensure your company complies with employment eligibility verification requirements  arising out of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) while avoiding immigration discrimination violations of the Unfair Immigration Related Employment Practice.  And, in  addition to I-9 compliance and guidance on using the E-Verify system, we can help you with labor condition application (LCA) compliance associated with H-1B visas and Department of Labor LCA regulations.

Among the industries we have worked with are:

Agricultural product manufacturers Medical suppliers
Airlines Athletic organizations Oil and petrochemicals
Churches and other religious organizations Pharmaceutical companies
Computer and high-technology companies Physical/occupational therapy groups
Educational and financial institutions Publishers
Entertainment companies Real estate developers
Hospitals and other health care facilities Recruiters
Hotels and resorts Semiconductor manufacturers
Information Technology companies Medical suppliers
International and multinational companies

Call our employer hotline now on 214-494-8033 or complete the consultation form to schedule a confidential and thorough 30-minute consultation. Our meeting will provide you with a concise roadmap on how to best proceed with your visa and compliance needs. Our service is nationwide.

Regardless of the location of your business, we will be glad to assist.

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