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February 22, 2021

How to Prepare for the H-1B Cap Lottery

Employers who plan to hire or retain potential H-1B employees should prepare now for the H-1B cap registration period (“H-1B Cap Lottery”), which runs from March 9 through March 25, 2021.  Registrants who are selected will have the opportunity to apply for an H-1B visa between April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021.   USCIS intends […]

January 27, 2021

Biden freezes Trump’s last-minute H-1B visa rules

Just before it ended, the Trump administration issued two last-minute H-1B visa rules that substantially changed the H-1B visa program. H-1B cap registration –  under a final rule issued Jan. 8 , only the highest-paid applicants for new H-1B visa would be selected. Currently, foreign workers are randomly selected through the annual H-1B visa lottery. […]

January 22, 2021

Join Us at the  Plano Multicultural Outreach Roundtable-MCOR annual Citizenship Workshop

Join Badmus & Associates at the  Plano Multicultural Outreach Roundtable-MCOR annual Citizenship Workshop on Saturday, February 13, 2021 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Learn about the citizenship process, hear from the US Citizenship & Immigration Service, and meet with immigration attorneys.  Attorney Ann Massey Badmus will explain the background screening process for citizen applications.  […]

December 19, 2020

Here’s why we oppose Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2020 H.R. 1044, as amended by S. 386.

Badmus & Associates joins with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) in opposition to the  Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2020 H.R. 1044, as amended by S. 386.  Don’t get us wrong.  We absolutely support removing the per-country limitations for employment-based immigrants because individuals should become permanent residents based on the skills they […]

November 08, 2020

Flawed new H-1B wage rule makes H-1B visa out of reach for many employers

 The Department of Labor has recently enacted a new wage rule requiring businesses to pay their employees holding H-1B visas a mandated wage of $208,000 ($100 an hour). According to the DOL website, this mandated wage is set regardless of experience or the position they are applying for. An example of this would be the […]

June 03, 2020

An Update on the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act

The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act gives international physicians and nurses a unique opportunity to increase the likelihood of receiving an employment-based immigrant visa quickly. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the necessity for the United States to increase the amount of visas given to international physicians and nurses and the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act provides a […]

May 20, 2020

[Webinar Replay] Physician Q&A Webinar – May 20,2020

Enjoy this replay of our May 2020 monthly free webinar exclusively for physicians and medical employers.Topics include green card bills, H-1B furloughs, J-1 waivers, and more. Physicians, if you have an immigration question on your mind, join us for our next free webinar and get the facts about immigration rules that could affect you, your […]