March 29, 2009

Must-See Film, Goodbye Solo, in Theaters Now

Ramin Bahrani’s critically-acclaimed new film Goodbye Solo opened on Friday, March 27th!

Excerpted from March 22, 2009’s New York Times Magazine piece by A.O. Scott:

“Even though Bahrani’s…films are about immigrants working their way toward some version of the American dream…their multiculturalism is not a theme but a fact.”

“Goodbye Solo… is the story of a man striving to improve his lot, to move up, quite literally, from taxi-driving to a career as a flight attendant. This ambition is not just a matter of better working conditions or more money: work is never only about those things. Solo’s upward striving is an expression of his optimism, which in turn is crucial to his sense of himself as a man, a husband and stepfather, a friend and, though he would never put it so bluntly, an American.”

AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 09032564 (posted Mar. 25, 2009)