September 20, 2012

North Lake College Hosts Immigration Workshop with Badmus Law Firm, PLLC

On September 17, North Lake College (NLC) hosted the DREAMers Immigration Workshop. The event offered free consultations with Badmus Law Firm PLLC to assist students applying for the “DREAM Deferred Action” program. Officially known as DACA, the program allows qualified applicants to avoid deportation, obtain a driver’s license and find employment or attend school.

“Immigration rules can be very complex and easily misunderstood,” explained Ann Massey Badmus, Attorney at Law and Founding Member of Badmus Law Firm. “…It is important that applicants clearly understand the risks and rewards of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”

Workshop topics ranged from how to apply for a Social Security card and Texas driver’s license to students’ rights and obligations with a temporary work card. The event also stressed the importance of researching legal counsel through the American Bar Association, as some attorneys are not experienced in Immigration Law. “With the new Executive Order, there will be a lot of people out there trying to make some extra bucks,” said NLC Business & Training Services Coordinator Carlene Ross. “It’s important for these students not to listen to…false promises.”

Separating fact from fiction, NLC’s South Campus will host a second DREAMers Immigration Workshop this October.