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January 15, 2019

How Does the Partial Government Shutdown Affect the EB-5 Immigrant Visa Program?

At this time, we are entering the fourth week of the partial government shutdown. Most immigration programs remain unaffected by the shutdown, except the EB-5 Regional Center program. To explain, there are two ways to invest and qualify for the EB-5 immigrant visa. An investor can start or buy a commerical enterprise and directly manage […]

January 02, 2019

USCIS is largely unaffected by the government shutdown. Only a few immigration programs are suspended.

Funded by application fees, rather than tax dollars, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) remains open during the current government shutdown. Unless otherwise notified, all applicants should attend their interviews and appointments as scheduled. In addition, USCIS will continue to accept new applications except for the EB-5 regional center program, E-Verify, and non-minister religious […]