May 23, 2008

Three Visa-Related Bills Pending at the House of Representatives

Three bills were introduced into the House of Representatives the last week of April that are related to immigrant visas (permanent residence)

On 4/23/08, a bill was introduced by Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) that would recapture employment-based immigrant visas lost to bureaucratic delays and to prevent losses of family- and employment- based immigrant visas in the future (H.R. 5882).

On 4/29/08, another bill was introduced by Representative Lofgren (D-CA) that would eliminate the per country level for employment-based immigrants and to end the spill-over of unused immigrant visa numbers between employment-based and family-sponsored categories (H.R. 5921).

On 4/29/2008, a final bill was introduced by Representative Robert Wexler (D-FL) that would provide relief for the shortage of nurses in the United States (H.R. 5924).

Click on the H.R. links above for further detail. Contact your congressional representative to indicate your support for these bills.

-By Ann Massey Badmus