April 16, 2008

USCIS Conducts Fiscal Year 2009 H-1B Lotteries

The USCIS announced that it conducted the two lotteries for the 2009 fiscal year H-1B cap cases on April 14, 2008. They conducted the lottery for the 20,000 visas for those holding a U.S. master’s degree first. Those that were not selected for filing through the lottery were placed into the “regular” cap lottery, which was also conducted that day. The USICS expects to notify all petitioners by June 2, 2008 on the status of cases filed, either through a receipt notice for a filed case, or by returning the petition unfiled. For those that paid for premium processing, the 15 day period for filed cases begins on April 14, 2008. To read the USCIS press release, click here.

By: Martha James