February 03, 2016

USCIS Warning to Immigrants: Beware of Tax Identity Theft

USCIS Warning to Immigrants: Beware of Tax Identity Theft

Tax identify theft is a big issue for everyone but in a recent years, fraudsters have targeted immigrants in particular. In recognition of Tax Identify Theft Awareness Week, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recently warned of one scam:

If a tax preparer offers to help you prepare your immigration forms, be careful. People who prepare tax returns may not be authorized to help you with immigration forms. The only people who can give advice on immigration law are licensed attorneys and representatives accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals. They can:

  • Explain your immigration options;
  • Advise you which forms to submit; and
  • Communicate with USCIS about your case.

Some people say they are immigration experts and have special connections with USCIS to get your case through quickly. This is a common scam. You need to be careful who you go to for help.

For more information, visit uscis.gov/avoidscams or uscis.gov/eviteestafas to learn how to recognize and avoid immigration scams and find authorized legal services.

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